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A Letter From New Moms...(or Dads)

Well here we are...and man am I ever excited to offer this service. What I can and would love to do for you is provide a professionally shot video, in stunning 4K of you and your child sharing a few precious moments. all while listening to the words you've written laid over the video track. All your dreams, wishes, and thoughts about life in general for your son or daughter in this moment in time can be watched and shared as he or she grows over the years. This is such a cool thing to do for him or her, but instead of me Rambling the video below, and then decide if you'd love to have one of these...(I think you will). The cost of this service only $300.00 which can be broken up into easy payments. So call or email me if you'd like to know more about the process.

Hello everyone! just so ya know the teaser video I have for here is being shot as we speak, so check back soon.

What my customers are saying

Justin is simply, my rock star!. I've know him for many years and simply love his work. I own a non-profit and have used his video skills many times over the years. I highly recommend him.

Jyl Steinback - Owner of ShapeUPUS.


18233 N. 53rd St. 

Scottsdale, Arizona 85254


(480) 234-5242

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