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An ongoing series of informational entries here at Everwood Films & Photography...

February 1st 2022

Ok my faithful friends and followers curious enough to keep coming back...WE MADE IT!!! 2022 is here to stay for a long while. so let's all stay positive and hopeful for a much better year ahead. So earlier I just wrapped up a pretty cool "Rush Wish" for the Bucket List Foundation that took place up in Lake Tahoe, California. A beautiful woman of only 53 years diagnosed with a terminal cancer, wanted as her wish, to go back down the mountains that she calls home on last time. Kimberly Iverson who owns the Bucket List Foundation here in Scottsdale made it all happen. So I was tasked with working along side her in production of a six minute video that highlighted her day on the slopes with family and friends. Talk about not only a blast of a project to do...but one hell of an honor.

I'm keeping tabs with the BLF to check on her condition as it progresses and will let you all know more when I can.

Other than that as always I.m working on ways to expand my photography skills. I still for now continue to use my DSLR for professional shoots...but since buying the new iPhone 13 Pro, I might just be changing things up a bit,,,It's a game changer for sure!!!

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