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Why a legacy video?...

Perhaps the best question is..."Why not?" a legacy video. Of all the things (Myself included), that we are faced with as we slowly approach our end of life, the giving of us on camera so that our families can once again enjoy our laughter, our smiles, and even the jokes that grandpa could only tell.

It's the stories of our individual journey's that has made us who we are and where we've lived that can only be told the way you tell it. A good friend of mine told me once that one of his son's told him in conversation that..."We don't want your stuff after you pass dad, we want your stories." So even if you've often thought that your life hasn't mattered couldn't possibly be more wrong! Your life has mattered to those who mean the most, and with a legacy video, it will continue to matter for generations to come.

Just for a minute, ask yourself if we had today's technology back in the 1860' cool would it be to pop in a video and watch your great great great grandfather sitting at a campfire talking about how "nasty these beans are," in the middle of the civil war! pretty cool huh. Well we do have this technology today and here you've found a guy to totally tell your story, so contact me as soon as you think you're ready. And if you're still a little unsure about doing this, please watch the video below.


Because of my own cancer journey, and the productions I've done with the Make-A-Wish foundations, I totally get and understand where you're coming from with your own issues. And because I do...I want you the know that putting together your story will be such and honor that I couldn't possibly begin to charge even a nickle for this service. So if you're diagnosed with a life threatening illness and are thinking about leaving a legacy video behind for your family...then contact me and let's set something up soon.

Undecided? Please Watch...

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